How To Join the Practice Makes Perfect and Win Background NFTs Through Torches

Hey all! Practice Makes Perfect will start at 10:00 on October 24, 2022 (UTC). After completing the specified staking tasks, you will have the opportunity to obtain background NFTs. A single address can obtain up to 4 limited NFTs.

Torches is the NO.1 lending protocol based on KCC and one of the parties in Practice Makes Perfect.  In order to make it easy for you to participate, we prepared this post to help you learn how to win limited NFTs by Torches.

What is Torches?

Torches Finance is a decentralized lending protocol based on KCC, supporting mainstream crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, KCS, USDT, USDC, etc. Users can earn TOR tokens by both depositing and lending assets on Torches Finance. You can visit Torches Finance at

How To Complete Torches’s Exclusive Tasks?

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Eligible tokens

  • Only eligible tokens are available to be supplied or borrowed from Torches Finance during the event period


  • Connect your wallet via the KCC network. 
  • Do not unstake or repay your token until the event ends.
  • Click verify after completing the tasks specified above.
  • Torches Finance is giving away an extra $1,000 incentive.

You can check the tutorial on how to deposit & borrow assets on Torches. Also, Torches has prepared extra bonuses for users who use Torches, users can visit Torches official twitter to know more. Hope you have a wonderful lending experience on Torches.

DISCLAIMER: This is a community post written by Torches and published on Please note that all projects and dApp applications running on the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) are independently developed by third-party developers. The KCC official team does not audit them. All opportunities and risks also exist at the same time. Therefore, you need to identify and prevent risks carefully.