KCC Webinar Recap: Why Everybody Wants to Get on KCC?

Limarc, VP of HackerNoon and KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) hosted a Webinar on May 31 with the Top 5 KCC Unicorn winners, discussing why everybody wants to get on KCC.

The details of this Webinar are as follows:

VenueHackerNoon Official Youtube Channel
Time: 1 PM, May 31, 2022, (UTC)
Host: Limarc — VP of Hacker Noon
Ben — Senior Business Manager, KCC
Iris — Head of Business Development, MojitoSwap
Gabriel — Head of Business Development, OpenLeverage
Stein — Co-Founder, KuSwap
Sam- Head of Business Development, BitKeep
Monica — Founder, xHashtag

If you missed this webinar, you may check the full transcript here.

Key Takeaways

Iris — Head of Business Development, MojitoSwap

MojitoSwap is thrilled to see that KuCoin Community Chain has more and more builders and developers onboard. We believe that each of us will work closely and boost the whole ecosystem together. For MojitoSwap itself, we will focus on four sections of work. The first one is to have more assets onboard, thus giving users more options to trade on our platform.

The next would be exploring add-on protocols that can enrich the trading or investment strategies to allow users to earn more with MojitoSwap. The third one is about user experience. We’ll try to make it easier for users to access KCC and Mojito. And the last part is related to the values we would like to add to other projects. Because MojitoSwap is serving as an infrastructure layer for the DeFi and NFT ecosystems on KCC, we’d like to provide stronger financial support to the projects on KCC.

Gabriel — Head of Business Development, OpenLeverage

OpenLeverage’s mission is to leverage possibilities by creating an infrastructure that enables a permissionless margin trading market, allowing anyone to create markets, lend and borrow, and connect to trading venues to serve the unsatisfied market.

As a community-centric project, with over 16 thousand active users and a social network of over 58 thousand members, we have established strong partnerships to promote growth through our ecosystem, mutually benefiting our partners and showcasing quality projects like MojitoSwap, KuSwap, BitKeep, Multichain, and more to our community.

Our top priority is developing tools that directly benefit our community while ensuring that our protocol is secure, open, and promotes an optimal user experience. Our current roadmap includes expanding our features to have limit order, overcollateralized borrowing, a smart vault, decentralized asset management, and a Layer-2 solution on Arbitrum and Optimism.

Our vision is to continue building a decentralized crypto securities service that aligns with community goals and values.

Stein — Co-Founder, KuSwap

KuSwap has been the longest-running decentralized finance platform in KCC, providing users with many DeFi services such as Decentralized Exchange, Charts and Analytics, Yield Farming, Token and NFT Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, Trading Battles and other on-chain Games.

The whole KuSwap platform is centered around the community, and we take the pulse of the community through several channels such as our community groups, the governance forum, and snapshot voting using the governance token KUSGOV.

The current roadmap involves a lending platform, leverage, and more innovation in games and activities to encourage more user adoption.

The KuSwap Mission is to provide users with a cost-efficient, safe, and fun space for the KCC community. These will be the focus of our next update: Liquidity Aggregation.

Our Vision is for users to find DeFi accessible through KuSwap. We will continue to develop DeFi services that align incentives with the community’s goals and values.

Sam- Head of Business Development, BitKeep

BitKeep as One of the most comprehensive decentralized non-custodial multi-chain wallets, combines Wallet, BkSwap, DeFi, Dapp, NFT Marketplace, Multi-chain Launchpad together, aiming to become the largest entry to Web3 decentralized world.

Having one of the largest communities globally covering 200+ countries and 8 languages. BitKeep has 6 million+ Registered users, 60,000+ Tokens in assets, 50+ Public Chains integrated, 10,000+ Dapps.

Our mission is to push for an inclusive and border-less crypto expansion.

It was a great honor for us to participate in Kucoin Community Chain Unicorn Contest and ending up being one of the top 5 infrastructure projects of the ecosystem.

In accordance with our mission of borderless crypto and an easy entry to Web3 we will take the KCC chain to new heights through our massive community support and development.

Monica — Founder, xHashtag

“At xHashtag.io, our platform helps match web3 projects that require growth acceleration with crypto ambassadors who are ready to add value for rewards. The reward can either be fungible tokens or NFTs, including non-transferable Soul Bound Tokens or SBTs, which are claimable after autonomous verification of task completion.

Since our launch in November last year, we have run our beta program where we have partnered with 20+ projects and launched marketing campaigns that attracted participation from over 200k+ users. Every participant is also provided with an on-chain credential that helps us tackle bots and enables us to route work with monetary payouts to the appropriate users more efficiently and accurately.

Ben — Senior Business Manager, KCC

I’d like to tell the story and do a little bit of revealing this event and finally give a little bit of what we are going to do in the future. As we all know the name is the core and spirit of the project right so do you guys ever think about it like why KCC is named KCC?

It’s KuCoin Community Chain and you can easily tell that community is our foundation and our greatest treasure so we couldn’t say that at the right time we are the best public chain but you can say we cherish every single user in our community.

KCC inherits the user experience oriented culture from KuCoin and I guess we are going to push the experience boundary to the next level thanks to our incredible community and our committee developers so around 120 projects have applied for this Unicoin Contest so what a great number.

We’ve accumulated around half a million addresses and TVL has exceeded 66 million. This is the very first hackathon. we host so you can expand that a series of events and supporting plans to be announced soon, so let’s do the puzzle together to make the KCC greater.

We are entering an explosive development phase in the coming days. Let’s enjoy the multiple times growth in the next couple of months.

Let’s say it will continuously support our ecosystem. That’s our mission and commitment so we launched a 15 million ecosystem accelerator program for discovering and supporting KCC’s elite projects. Besides the rewards, we have incubating opportunities 10 million in liquidity support and builders bounties and marketing support from KCC, KCC GoDAO, and KCC GoDAO ambassadors and our strategy planners.

With the release of the KCS whitepaper. We are disclosures of the 115 million strategy fund raising of KuCoin so the future road map between KCC and KuCoin is bringing to the stage. KCC is committed to be the Web3 infrastructure as a critical part of the decentralized footprint for the KCS ecosystem which provides crypto users with a one-stop solution for the Web3 and metaverse.

KCC together with KCS and KuCoin is vividly performing the nash equilibrium strategy of centralization and decentralization. I guess I’m almost here so congrats again for our best projects and thank you guys for the contributions made to our community.


Q1:Will MojitoSwap focus on countries that don’t have that much English accessibility? and if you have any plans to expand into African countries?

Iris — Head of Business Development, MojitoSwap: Yes actually MojitoSwap is preparing a multi-language version so I think we’re willing to have more users in different countries regions using different languages on board and we are working on it. Please stay tuned for that.

Q2: What do you guys do with the prize money?

Iris — Head of Business Development, MojitoSwap: Basically, the prize will be used in four sections and the first one is the product development to provide a better user experience and also

business development and partnership expansions and to have more assets and services get involved in MojitoSwap.

The third thing is the liquidity boosting and to get like stronger support for the protocols like whose assets are listed on MojitoSwap or those who have launched a pool on MojitoSwap.

I will say all these usages are in line with the plans. We have just described the four directions that we want to dedicate to build.

Gabriel — Head of Business Development, OpenLeverage: We’re doing a 50–50 split. 50% of it will be rewarding to traders on the KCC chain who trade in select pairs and the other 50%, we are giving back to sort of the community and the community members who voted for us.

Stein — Co-Founder, KuSwap: For the prize money, we are actually going to be splitting it. We’re going to be running some contests because we do have trading battles and have a lot of stuff that we can work with.
We’re also planning to reserve some of it for the audience because we’re going to be launching a lot of stuff. Therefore, the prize money will be used for development and community contests.

Sam — Head of Business Development, BitKeep: If you go to our socials and everything we have had a complete month of an event with polygon which is one of the top chains in the industry. There are hundreds of thousands of projects and even Instagram. They’ll be having their NFTs on those chains so we have had a whole month of events including AMAs including learn and earn giveaways and NFTs that have been specially designed so we are planning to do something like that with the fundings with the prize money and together with KuCoin and KCC.

We’ll be having some of the activities like a special NFT, AMAs and then learn and earn so that we have our community know about KCC and then leverage each other communities to bet to bring up KCC’s user base and stuff so this is how we’ll be using the prize.

Monica — Founder, xHashtag: We plan to use it towards the development of the platform and also support growth specifically in the KCC ecosystem. We’d also like to run several campaigns that can make that happen apart from development.

Q2: Would you say your platform is more like margin trading or futures trading and why?

Gabriel — Head of Business Development, OpenLeverage: That’s a great question it is really more like margin trading. I think with a lot of features trading and perpetual futures trading platforms are done on centralized exchanges. There’s usually always a lot of gatekeeping which means those platforms can select which tokens to list on and also there’s usually a counterparty who’s sort of always handling the other side of those trades. However, with open leverage, it really is a sort of trustless margin trading platform where the really counterparty is always another user and that really stands to benefit sort of the users of the platform.

Q3: What is KUSGOV?

Stein — Co-Founder, KuSwap: KUSGov is KuSwap’s governance token, users will be rewarded with KUSGOV tokens if they “lock in” KUS tokens for fixed period of time.

Holders of KUSGov tokens can earn protocol fees denominated in KCS by staking their tokens, the system is modeled after Curve.

In recent months, we’ve been actually building most of the platform in order to benefit the governance token holders in order to encourage more lockers or more participants in governance for the KuSwap platform. That’s one step in encouraging users to participate in governance.

Q4: What is the worst or most difficult problem your team faced up to this point and how did you overcome it?

Sam- Head of Business Development, BitKeep: I think the worst problem was to hire more people. We couldn’t find a lot of people hit this crowd because there are a lot of changes that have to be integrated and the ecosystem that has to be supported so we have had a lot of challenges to find great talent in the web3 ecosystem. We are non-custodial and we have to have everything like open source and add it to our wallet so that has been the most challenging part. We have overcome it and have integrated since then 60 plus changes — the whole ecosystems of it so we are growing pretty fast and we have overcome those challenges.

Q5:What are the use cases of the xHashtag token?

Monica — Founder, xHashtag: xHashtag token is basically a governance token for our DAO. At the moment, the token is widely used to purchase the reward amount that is given out in stable coins but the tokens are purchased from the open market and redistributed among the users who are adding value to the platform.

Apart from that, holding xHashtag increases your chances to be able to win in the next campaign that you’re going to participate in so your earning opportunities increase.

As we progress towards building this decentralized platform where work can also be verified or people holding xHashtag will be able to review others work or there could be more opportunities for earning other than just participating. The staking is also live right now on avalanche which we have integrated a few months back that is one to mention and we will also activate governance in the coming months where the community can contribute to and which direction we should be taking to lead it.

Q6: Is it possible to earn a full-time income via x hashtag and how?

Monica — Founder, xHashtag: Our long-term uh goal is to give people the ability to earn a full-time income while giving 100% flexibility in terms of location and time. This also fits well with the ecos of work 4.0 where we know was aiming for. At the moment we are still trying out what works and what does not works but definitely, that is somewhere we are going towards and until at this point, we have given away at least uh 80k plus in rewards so that is definitely an earning for people who have participated in these campaigns so far.

Q7: What competitive advantage does your project have that makes you feel confident in this incredibly competitive landscape?

Monica — Founder, xHashtag: I think the advantage that we have right now is a very strong community and that’s what we’d like to offer to other projects that are looking to grow because growth is something that is always required and that is something that the projects have to always look after throughout their survival.

Having this strong community and being able to even engage them on a campaign to campaign basis our community basically looks for next work so having this is our biggest advantage and we are only planning to scale this and also utilize this for other projects and help them and grow.

Stein — Co-Founder, KuSwap: I was going to say pretty much the same thing because our community like I said has been with us since the beginning. I think our advantage is in the way we are taking into consideration the voice of the community in pretty much most of the decisions of the platform so I think that’s very important because without community most projects would probably fail. Therefore, I think that’s one of our competitive advantages of having a governance forum that’s working and using that in order to get a pulse of the community.

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