Logan Paul Bought a Pokémon Card for $5.27 Million and Turned It into An NFT

Well-known Youtuber and wrestler, Logan Paul, wore a Pokémon card entitled “Pokémon Illustrator” that is worth more than $5 million at WrestleMania in early April this year, attracting the attention of many Pokémon lovers around the world. In his July 8th video, he recorded the process of purchasing this card and announced that the ownership of this card would be sold in the form of an NFT so that the community of holders could jointly decide on the card’s future use.

The Most Expensive Pokémon Card 

To obtain this card, one must have obtained the Excellence Award in the Pokémon Official Contribution Event that took place between 1997 and 1998. A total of 39 cards were sent out at first, and the number was later increased to 41 due to the card contest. However, there are only about 10 well-preserved cards still currently on the market.

However, this one held by Logan Paul is arguably rarer than any other card of the same type. It has been tested by the PSA card grading company and is classified as a PSA Grade 10, the only one in the world preserved, and the workmanship is perfect.

After the WrestleMania match, the card transaction was also certified by Guinness World Records as the most expensive private auction of a Pokémon card in history.

The Most Expensive Pokémon Card in the World is Turned into an NFT

Logan Paul announced that the card will be listed as an NFT on the NFT trading platform, “Liquid Marketplace,” that he co-founded. He will be selling 51% of the ownership, which will be up for grabs for the general public, allowing the community of holders to jointly decide on the future use of this card. The remaining 49% will be held by Paul himself.

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