Giant NFT Marketplace OpenSea Launches Solana Launchpad

Since OpenSea started supporting NFTs on Solana in early April this year, it finally announced the launch of a Solana Launchpad, enabling creators to host a new mint from beginning to end on the NFT marketplace.

According to the official blog post, creators can now experience the one-stop Solana minting service on OpenSea. This means that all pre-mint, post-mint, and secondary sale activities will all use OpenSea.

Future Plan for Solana NFT

After the release of Solana Launchpad, OpenSea also proposed several expected updates, including: 

  • Solana collections will automatically appear. Any creator will be able to publish a Solana collection and have them automatically displayed on OpenSea. Once minting begins on the blockchain, creators can find and share collection links with their community.
  • Users will always retain custody of NFTs. OpenSea said some Solana marketplaces will require users to give up custody of NFTs before they can be listed for sale. This means that the NFT will not be in the user’s wallet and will be inaccessible in an escrow process. The user will lose access to the NFT. OpenSea promises to never hold or escrow user NFTs and keep them securely in user wallets until sold or transferred.

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