Payment Request Battle — $2,000 prize pool!

KuPay has been busy building in this bear market and we are getting ever closer to finalizing our baseline product KuPay Payments. Because of this, we will be running a Payment Request Battle!


The KuPay Payment Request Battle will run for exactly 7 days, starting on August 29, 2021, at 2 PM UTC and ending on September 4, at 2 PM UTC.


To participate, create a payment request (click here for a how to) and make sure it gets fulfilled. When the payment request is fulfilled during the battle it will count towards your score. Payment requests may be fulfilled by yourself.

You can win in 2 categories: Volume and Transaction Count.
In the category Volume, it will be about the total value of the fulfilled payment requests. In the category Transaction Count, the total count of transactions will be decided.


The total prize pool is 20 BiOrks NFT’s, which roughly represents $2000.

Prizes in the category Volume are as follows:

1st place: 3 BiOrks NFT
2nd till 6th place: 1 BiOrks NFT

Prizes in the category Transaction Count are:

1st place: 3 BiOrks NFT
2nd till 6th place: 1 BiOrks NFT
30th place: 1 BiOrks NFT
45th place: 1 BiOrks NFT
60th place: 1 BiOrks NFT


  • Only payment requests created during the timeframe of this contest will count.
  • Payment requests should be created using crypto as the base (not the dollar side of the app, see movie above).
  • Sending unlimited payment requests to yourself is allowed in this battle.
  • KuPay reserves the right to disqualify participants based on malicious acts and/or any attempt at cheating and/or manipulating the results of the competition in any way other than what has been provided for in the mechanics.
  • KuPay will have the final say in any disagreements about the competition.
  • The distribution of the prizes and rewards will be within 72 hours after the competition ends.

That’s it. Head over to and create your payment requests! Good luck to all of you!

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