What is Dmail and How Does it Work? 

As a new generation decentralized mailbox, Dmail has become a leader and pioneer in exploring web3 mail services. Since its launch in June 2022, the number of emails sending and receiving via the Dmail platform has exceeded 1 million, and the number of community members also has continued to grow. Dmail is now becoming a linkage for web2 users to experience convenient information interaction in the web3 era. 

At the same time, Dmail, which was originally built on the Internet Computer, is trying to bridge the gap between different chains. In addition, to support MetaMask(Ethereum) login earlier this year, in August, Dmail also supported BNB Chain login and BUSD payment, making it a step closer to a multi-chain ecosystem! Now we are working on KCC, Aptos, Polygon, Sui and etc. 

And Dmail has raised a seed&strategic funding from Amino Capital, Hashkey Capital, Draper Dragon, KuCoin Labs, OIG VC, Spark Digital, Outliers Fund and other 20+ global top VCs. Meanwhile, Dmail is the winner of the 2021 Wanxiang Hackathon. 

What is Dmail? 

Dmail is an on-chain Email tool with the function of web3 asset transfer, each Dmail mailbox corresponds to a private “canister”. Dmail guarantees the safety of user information, and forms the fundamental decentralized identity (DID). With Dmail, users can access information, assets and DApps securely and seamlessly. 

Email is the next generation web3-based collaborative platform that integrates the functions of message communication, asset management, data storage, workspace and etc. Over time, Dmail will become a fundamental infrastructure tool and DID for users to enter the web3 era, and will be a bridge that links web2 users to easily use blockchain services. 

How Does Dmail Work? 

Based on the unique architecture of the smart contract, all Dmail mailboxes are allocated a batch of private container “Canisters”. With the web3 digital signature system, the user information stored in the Dmail mailbox can be secured and avoided the risk of leakage. 

Each email sending is equivalent to the interaction of the smart contract, that is, the interaction of the Canisters corresponding to each mailbox. During the interaction process, crypto assets can not only be used as the information in the container to interact and sent with emails; the Principal ID corresponding to the container can also constitute the basic decentralized digital identity (DID), which supports the borderless interaction between users with information and assets by accessing various applications. 

In the process of implementing email encryption, the following ways: 

  1. Wallet login to achieve decentralized identity;  
  2. Distributed nodes and distributed storage based on a consensus algorithm ensure no downtime, ensure service continuity, and user data sovereignty and for-good storage, realizing the real web3;  
  3. The mail header and the mail body are separated, and the contract is chained and key encrypted to ensure the privacy of user data; 
  4. The agent robot realizes the bridge and link between web3 and web2; 
  5. Dual-ID verification is required for the recipient to send and receive for the first time, which solves the problem of spam. 

Who Created Dmail? 

Dmail has a decentralized administrative system with multiple-located offices globally such as the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and China. The core team members have worked for leading companies in the Internet and encryption markets such as Google, Huobi, OKX, Tezos, Coinness and have extensive industry experience. The fusion of multi-culture background makes the development of Dmail full of vitality. 

Why Choose Dmail? 

Dmail has significant advantages regarding web3 information development. 

Compared to the traditional web2 mailbox, Dmail is compatible with the product functions of web2, and the web3 application solves the defects of the old-generation products. At present, Dmail can already complete information interaction with most web2 mailboxes. Due to the involvement of blockchain technology and the application of three encryption levels (normal, advanced and full encryption), Dmail solves the problems of traditional mailbox information leakage, data attribution, and spam letters. Both ordinary C-end users and enterprise customers will not draw major concern about mailbox security. 

The current development trend of the Internet leading companies reveals that the web3 has become unstoppable trend. To realize web3, DID undoubtedly carried very important functions and user attributes. Dmail is becoming the infrastructure for web3 DID functionality. 

In the web2 era, the mailbox was already a kind of Internet identity identification; in web3 era, Dmail can still function the mailbox identification features to exist as the DID (decentralized identity) for users. At present, Dmail has launched the PFP NFT avatar setting function, combined with the NFT Domain account that firmly has the potential to act as a DID, which establishes the foundation for Dmail to continue to develop the DID function in the future. 

In addition, the unique asset management function of the Dmail platform can also help users to realize the accumulation and appreciation of encrypted assets in the web3 era, and adapt to the economic incentive model of the web3 era. In terms of development progress, Dmail is the current mailbox DApp, the product that convene the majority function of web3 in an express development, which leads us to believe that Dmail can lead more users to the web3 era. 

What Dmail Want? 

The web3 universe is still in a long way and Dmail will continue the function of web2 mailbox, and endow new DID attributes to create an information service platform that serves more users as well as allowing more users to experience the efficiency, convenience and security of the web3 universe. 

On the basis of the continuous development of web3 and its underlying technology, we hope to open up the indiscriminate transmission of information between traditional mailboxes and blockchain mailboxes with the Dmail mailbox application as the entrance, which will reduce the threshold for users and developers to participate in the encrypted world, and allow users to use the blockchain like you use the internet. Meanwhile, the Dmail can also create a portal for free communication for the development and prevalence of the new generation of Internet web3, and provide more convenient, safe and reliable services for Internet users in the new era, and become the cornerstone product of network applications in the web3.0 era. 

Closing Thoughts 

Dmail team has just celebrated its first anniversary, during which the vigorous team members experienced exploration and setbacks, and also experienced the honor and pride moment of being recognized. No matter what the situation is, all Dmail team members and the partners of the Dmail team are adhering to the original intention of the pioneers with a mindset of moving forward and great curiosity of  exploring the future for bring building Dmail into a web3-level information service DApp as well as  linking to  web3 for users. 

About Dmail Network 

Website: https://dmail.ai 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dmailofficial 
Telegram: https://t.me/dmailofficial 
Discord: https://discord.gg/RyYNmdqjF9 
Medium: https://medium.com/@dmail_official  
How to use Dmail: https://dmailofficial.gitbook.io/helpcenter/v/english/

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