What is O3 Labs and What are Their Main Products?

O3 Labs was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Its primary focus is on providing crypto wallet solutions, along with asset management tools and services. In 2021, O3 Labs also launched cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol – O3 Swap. Since then, O3 labs has been committed to providing users with the best cross-chain experience with the liquidity solution as its crucial advantage. In June 2022, O3 Swap’s version 2, officially named ‘O3 Interchange’, was released as a cross-chain DEX like no other in that it provides services aside from bridging the same token across different chains, but rather swaps heterogeneous or different digital assets too.

What is O3 Swap?

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O3 Swap V2 is the first-ever cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the top EVM-compatible blockchains. O3 swap has already integrated with 11 blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Gnosis Chain, Fantom, Optimism, Avalanche, Cube Chain, Metis, and Celo. It is worth noting that O3 Swap integrated its 12th chain – KCC on September 14th.

How does O3 Swap work?

Cross-chain DEX

O3 Swap aggregates multiple DEXs on the source chains and the destination chains. Under this new mechanism, O3 Interchange can achieve both on-chain and cross-chain swaps quickly. Users can exchange tokens from any supported chain to another token freely. The one-click exchange of assets between multiple chains eliminates the need to reserve a gas fee for each chain. 

 Exchange native tokens across chains

O3 Swap allows their users to exchange native tokens across chains. For example, if users need to swap $ETH on Ethereum Chain to $KCS on KCC. First, the O3 Interchange aggregator will aggregate DEX liquidity pools on Ethereum and KCC, and swap $ETH into USDC automatically. Then, USDC is swapped into pUSDC on ETH through NPAPs and pUSDC will be burned on $ETH after the PTMC (Pegged Token Management Contract) is approved. Consequently, the same amount of pUSDC on KCC will be created after PTMC is approved on the target chain. Then, pUSDC is swapped into USDC through NPAPs on KCC. $KCS is transferred to the address on the target Chain after USDC is swapped into $KCS through the DEX liquidity pool on the target Chain. Thus, a swift and cost-efficient cross-chain swap is completed.

Based on AMMs and Trustless

Introduced two-way capital pools through an NPAP liquidity pool mechanism (native Token & pegged Token AMM Pools). The NPAPs are similar to Curve’s AMM pools. In short, it is an outside liquidity pool where users provide liquidity as LP. The process is transparent, and rewards are given in $O3.

O3 Gas Station

The O3 Gas Station allows users to trade EVM-compatible gas tokens in a decentralized way without ever having to login to a CEX.

What is the O3 Cross-chain Wallet?

O3 cross-chain wallet is a mobile cross-chain smart wallet specially created for DeFi users. It supports one-click switching and customization of any EVM-compatible chains with user-friendly interface. The O3 cross-chain wallet also has a built-in cross-chain DEX aggregator. Asset Management, Swap, Bridge, Gas Station… All in O3! Users can explore the Web3.0 world at the tip of their fingers.

Download O3 Cross-chain Wallet:

What is the O3 Swap Token (O3)?

O3 Swap Token (O3) issued by O3 Labs represents all O3 products and is also a critical mediator to promote their development. Except for trading on exchanges and some airdrop events, there are two major ways to earn O3 tokens: providing liquidity in Liquidity Pools and participating in governance voting.

Most importantly, O3 Interchange will build an Economic System of Deflation. All transaction fees collected into the Treasury will be used to constantly buyback $O3 and burn to pump it, thus benefiting all $O3 Holders.

In addition to the O3 Swap Token, the O3 DAO Token (DAO3) is the governance token and performs extra applications of O3. O3 Holders can stake their O3 to get DAO3, which means being an O3 Holder is the only official way to get DAO3. Most notably, DAO3 mainly represents the governance rights of holders, so it shall not have a price or should be price inelastic.

Under this Economic System of Deflation, all participants, including users, liquidity providers, developers, and all O3 Holders, will be encouraged to invest in the maintenance of the overall ecology through the O3 and the DAO3 tokens.

Closing Thoughts

  1. O3 Swap integrates KCC mainnet on September 14th, 2022. It supports interoperability and accessibility between KCC and other supported ecologies, also bringing more users and volumes to the KCC chain.
  2. The O3 cross-chain wallet will deploy KCC mainnet in the main interface. Users can view assets, send money and receive assets on the KCC chain.
  3. Users are able to freely bridge/swap their assets from other EVM compatible chains to KCC mainnet.
  4. At the same time, we will open cross-chain liquidity pools 2 including $USDC and $O3 on KCC mainnet. Users are able to stake their tokens to earn $O3.
  5. Marketing: announcement on Medium, Twitter and our communities when launched on KCC. Also, the Cross-Chain Airdrop is ongoing. 

For more details: O3 Swap V2 Deployed on KCC

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